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Samstag, 11. Februar 2012, 09:16

Panther Tires: Rattler 2.0 1:10er Buggy Reifen

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Panther Tires is starting 2012 off Big with our latest release, the Rattler 2.0 1/10 Rear Buggy Tire. The Rattler 2.0 is our latest hard packed low profile tread design option for both dry and wet conditions. The tapered edge allows for a smooth transition in the middle of the corner while the variable ribbed sidewall design prevents side-wall collapse. The additional bars in the middle increase forward grip while the proven carcass borrowed from our Switch 2.0 keeps high speed tire deformation at a minimum. This improves high speed stability, driver confidence and lower lap times. The improved design offers both increased side bite as well as forward grip without sacrificing tire wear.

Available in Clay, Super Soft, Soft, and Medium Soft the Rattler 2.0 will work on nearly any hard packed surface.

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(one of the fantastic five) :D


Samstag, 11. Februar 2012, 12:17

Die gibts doch in dem genau gleichen Design schon mal..
Ich glaube die waren von JConcepts.. Ich finds leider nciht mehr!