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Dienstag, 17. Januar 2012, 07:21

JQ Products: We Do What We Want and We Want You To See It

Bitte schön:


JQ Products is growing! From 2 people to 4, in a year. This year, we want to share everything we do with all RC enthusiasts, and that's why THENetworker is here. From now on, we will be a lot more social than before, and will keep you even more updated about all of our progress, ideas, projects and new releases. For that we will increase our Facebook and Twitter activity reporting frequently what we have been up to. All our images and videos will remain in our official smugmug and vimeo galleries, but we will also have a new Youtube Channel where we upload all our videos.
Our presence in forums will be larger, in order to improve our customer service, solving all your technical and setup doubts. So keep an eye on the RCTech forum, as we will be starting a new JQ Thread there shortly, providing a new service.
Most importantly, you will se a lot more videos. Starting with new part videos, explaining why they have been designed, and how to install them correctly, continuing our popular 60sec line of videos, and finally, attempting to create an RC Video Masterpiece, at least once a year. Making THEVideo was just so much fun! But if we do it all alone it is going to get boring, we want all of you to collaborate, sending us videos and photos, to publish them on our official website and for that, we will organize contests where the winners will get free JQProducts' stuff.
That's all for now, stay social to know what's up at JQProducts!

(one of the fantastic five) :D